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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
SpaceBadger SpaceBadger is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
SpaceBadger's Blog: BBCodes stopped working in this Blog Description, so I moved my Links down to a Blog Entry and made it Sticky, so the latest new Blog Entries will actually be below (following) the Links entry.
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Entries for the Month of March 2019

In Moot Member Blogs Back in the Saddle Again... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #63 New March 20th, 2019 11:24 PM
Back in the Saddle Again...

Back where a friend is a friend... (or at least a well-motivated NPC!)

Yeah, I followed a whim a couple weeks ago and asked Magnus if I could bring my old PC Frank Masuda (from his previous attempt at a T5 Permatic Imperium PbP game, in 2014) back to life in his new T5 Permatic Imperium PbP game. Mags said Yes, so I'm in a Game! We've been getting off to a bit of a slow start, just trying to get our 3 party members all FTF at the downport, but I think we've fi ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs New Emoji? Just for Me? :D Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #62 New March 5th, 2019 04:37 PM
New Emoji? Just for Me?

I don't know if this emoji is actually new or not, just that I never saw it before (you can find it by clicking [More] at the bottom of the "Smilies" box).

But it certainly looks like it could have been custom-made for me, copying the art from an old (late 90s? early 00s?) internet video (I forget, how did we exchange such things before YouTube and FaceBook?).

: ...More Read More
Views: 366 | Comments: 5
In Moot Member Blogs Energy Availability (also H. Beam Piper) Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #61 New March 3rd, 2019 08:49 PM
Energy Availability (also H. Beam Piper)

[Ahem. Had a hard time figuring out where to post this. If it reads a little weird in parts, that's because it started out as an email letter to my friend timerover51 and morphed in the course of writing into a forum post in which I'm seeking the ideas of CotI at large.]

[And now it's a blog post as well!]

Glancing back at what I wrote about what [he] wrote about what Piper wrote , I was thinking again about Piper's early-Federation nuclear-electric power units and later-TFH direct conversion of matter to energy. We both had problems thinking how to use those in a roleplaying game such as Traveller.

Now, I think our problem wasn't so much figuring out the mundane effects, as not =wanting= some of those effects and their natural consequences. ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Over the Moon, Back in the Moot! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #60 New February 28th, 2019 07:15 AM
Over the Moon, Back in the Moot!

I am just over the moon at having a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) sponsor me for Moot membership! Among other things, that means I have this Blog back (can write new entries again) and have a decent sized PM mailbox again so I don't have to manage it every couple days (download and delete) to make room for incoming PMs!

Aside from the member benefits, I urge all CotI regulars to join the Moot at whatever Rank you can afford, just to support th ...More Read More
Views: 248 | Comments: 5

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