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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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SpaceBadger's Blog: BBCodes stopped working in this Blog Description, so I moved my Links down to a Blog Entry and made it Sticky, so the latest new Blog Entries will actually be below (following) the Links entry.
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  #40 New December 26th, 2013 02:50 PM
SBRD Campaign: Player Status:

Still waiting for several new characters:
1. Thanos is taking over existing NPC Bruno Kansakarrir, so I believe is ready to proceed;
2. Timerover51 is making a non-Human character, so has a bit more complicated task finishing him and making him fit in;
3. Vladicka is making an interesting new Human character with some connections that may lead into future adventures, but only started on him this past weekend prior to Christmas.

Continuing players:
1. ErianFrost continues to play Kalos Thar, now Captain of Fortunate Son;
2. ChaosBennett continues to play Gayne Maize, well-armed security officer;
3. ATPollard continues to play Max , Chief Engineer and Steward, but will be off until mid-January.

Original players now on hiatus:
1. DaveChase is extremely ill w cancer and complications;
2. Samuelvss is extremely busy w work (higher than usual classload);
3. Sabredog is off the next few months busy w non-game stuff;
4. Fritz_Brown has mysteriously disappeared and not communicated since late October.

I'm hoping to get things moving again as the new players get ready to begin, maybe this week sometime? I'm sending a PM to all active players w questions/suggestions (email to those w limited PM capacity).

Napoleon Total War: Russia Campaign

I'm getting to that strange point known to many 4X players, where I have achieved most of my initial goals for empire security and economic foundation, but am feeling somewhat ambivalent about gearing up for the next level of conflict. Last night I was getting so tired of battles that I just auto-resolved almost all of them, even with the awareness that a substantial margin is required to overcome AI cheating. (However I did notice that the experience promotions - stars for generals and chevrons for units - seem to be awarded more readily in auto-resolve than if I had actually fought the battle???)

Anyway, I didn't feel like doing a month-by-month record last night, but the broad picture is that Fyodor's force ended up capturing Istanbul because Kamensky's troops were too beat up; between the two of them they captured the rest of the Ottoman Empire by ignoring all of the small evasive armies and going directly for the provincial capitals; those two armies, plus Kutuzov's, are now in Austria (my ally) defending Austrian cities and looking for French armies to fight; two new armies that I had created up north to capture Finland (one of my stated campaign goals) sat around awhile because I did not want to break alliance with my good long-term ally Sweden; however Denmark managed to annoy me enough that I loaded the two armies into a good-sized fleet and went to capture Copenhagen.

That is where I left off last night. Obvious immediate goals are to solidify my hold on Denmark and capture Hannover (two of my stated campaign goals), then I need to begin the long process of liberating Europe from the French. I could make the whole place an extension of Russia (as I did with the Ottoman territory) or gift each territory back to its original owner; the problem with the latter is that sometimes the ungrateful bums forget who set them free, and interfere with my continuing strategic military movements. There is another relationship, Protectorate, in which I believe I still retain military access to liberated territory - I will need to look into how to do that.

However, I think I am going to set the NTW campaign aside until I am really eager to get back onto a battlefield with artillery, cavalry, and long lines of infantry (the foundation of all). I will still have my British/Prussian multiplayer campaign going with Michael to scratch that particular itch, so...

Game-Related Projects for the New Year

1. Figure out some snags that have been holding me up on the touch-map project for BlindGuy and get that into working order so he can use it;
2. Get my SBRD Traveller Campaign moving again with new players integrated into the action;
3. Work on a Traveller-themed webcomic with my artistically-gifted son ChaosBennett;
4. Fix my SBmod for Space Empires IV-D, as it is currently stuck in an unplayable state: I can either play a previous build and miss out on lots of cool stuff that I added, or can play current build with cool stuff, in which AI files need substantial work to learn to use the cool stuff competitively.
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