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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #38 New December 22nd, 2013 05:09 PM
I've never played Russia in this game, but my understanding was that they get a fairly long opportunity to stay out of combat, build their economy, build forces for specific tasks. One intention (because I have seen the Russians doing this when I was playing other nations) is to build and send out as many merchants as I can, as early as I can, to grab some trade ports which are fairly well protected by my allies, who cannot take them away from me without breaking our alliance.

Turn 1 shows some of my understanding to be in error, or at least in conflict with stated campaign objectives. For example, Russia begins at war with France, Spain, and some piddly principalities unlikely to mount serious attacks. That's good, I'm unlikely to be attacked soon.

BUT, a glance at the diplomatic board starts telling other stories. Russia begins "allied" with Sweden, but their people dislike each other, and I notice that one of my campaign goals is to conquer some Swedish territory, so eventually there will be war. Then there are the Prussians; my first campaign goal is to make an alliance with them, but the Russian and Prussian people are indifferent to each other, and again I have a campaign goal of taking Prussian territory that will eventually require war. The Austrians are my good buddies, and I don't see any potential problems there. The Ottomans are "at peace", but our people really hate each other, plus they are blocking Russian access to the Mediterranean.

I decide to try to postpone fighting with Sweden and Prussia until later, while I work on my goal of alliance with Prussia. My experiences with Ottoman troops in other games have not impressed me, so I think my first war efforts will be directed at them; this should also help protect my Austrian friends, who are sometimes vulnerable to Ottoman invasions while they are busy trying to fight off the French. It would be nice to have a human ally there to share these plans and coordinate actions, but unfortunately the AI is not smart enough to make such deals.

Turn 1, Early January 1805

I make trade deals with Great Britain, Prussia, the Ottomans (might as well make some money before the war, eh?), and some minor nations. I ask for the required alliance with Prussia, but no deal. Apparently I will need to find some way to make them more friendly, or else offer a bribe along with the alliance?

I start taking a look around Russia, finding lots of things I want to upgrade for my economy and war planning, but not so much gold to do it with. Apparently the Russians start with no naval or merchant ships of any kind, only one military dockyard, one merchant port, and two ports that can go either way depending on what I choose to build. There is only one Russian port on the whole Black Sea - it is one of those that can go either way, so I am building first a merchant port in line with my strategic plan of trying to grab lots of trade ports as early as possible, then later on when naval warfare is imminent in the Black Sea and Med I will switch it over to military construction. I don't have much in the way of troops, either, but I start moving those that I have toward places I expect to want them later.

Late June 1805

The rest of January through June goes pretty much as planned, trying to boost the Russian economy, establish trading ports, and upgrade key buildings when I had enough gold. Then in Late June 1805 (Turn 6) I suddenly find my war plans against the Ottomans being rushed, as they are attacking my good friends the Austrians, and the Austrians not only ask me for help but throw in some good techs as incentive to join them. I already have Kutuzov with a small army near Vienna, but had not yet built up any troops to reinforce him.

I also have Fyodor Fydorovich Something less than one turn's travel from Iasi, which Michael's study of the rivers and bridges had revealed to be an ideal location for defense against Ottoman attacks into Russia. Fyodor has less than a full stack and is actually outnumbered by the Ottoman defense if citizen militia are counted, but his artillery, Jagers (light infantry), and Cossack lancers are successful in routing many of the Ottoman units, so at the end of the day the Russians hold Iasi and its key bridge defenses, plus a supply depot in nearby Chisinau. Now it will be a race to get more troops here before the Ottomans overwhelm Fyodor and his men.

Early December 1805

Turns out that the Ottomans have not been in any rush to retake their lost Iasi; in fact, they haven't even garrisoned the next city to the south, Bucharest, where I have a spy to watch for military movements. They do not seem to have been making any big military moves on the Austrians, either, at least, not that I can see. I don't know what the heck the Ottoman army is doing, which kinda worries me...

I have been gradually supplementing Fyodor's forces in Iasi, until I feel ready to send some of them to take and hold Bucharest. I've also been working on my economy and on upgrading buildings. But no more battles yet, nothing really exciting at all.
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