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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #25 New August 13th, 2013 10:40 PM
[SBRD] Devonia (RD 3125)

The most current version of this article is now found in the Campaign:SBRD Section at Traveller Wiki, as Campaign:SBRD_Reavers'_Deep/Library/Devonia_(world).

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And here is an extended article on Devonia; eventually I want to have something like this in Library Data on each of the major systems in our campaign setting:

Devonia (Reavers' Deep 3125) C566674-8 Ag Ni 213
Size: 8000 km (5), Atmo: Standard, Hydro: 60%
Pop: 2 M, Balkanized, LL: 4, TL: 8
Star(s): F5 V M5 V, 12 Worlds, 1 Belts, 3 GGs
Independent, No Bases

Devonia is the 4th planet of an F5 main sequence star, and is somewhat hotter than standard, but still within human tolerance. Much of the planet is wilderness, as 75% of the planet's 2 million people live in a coastal metropolitan area around the starport, which is ruled by a charismatic oligarchy of wealthy families. The balkanized government rating refers to the other 25% of the planet's population, who have colonized various islands not too far from the starport city and live under a variety of different governments.

Planetary Conditions: The base atmospheric temperature of Devonia can reach 55C (129F) at the equator, which is Human-tolerable only for extremely short periods of time. Devonia City is located at 45 degrees north latitude, which together with the coastal location ameliorates the average temperature to 27C (81F), still quite warm but tolerable. The world’s orbit has very little eccentricity, and axial tilt is also minimal, resulting in no noticeable change of seasons. Visitors are cautioned to wear protection against the bright sunlight and UV rays, including hats, eye protection, loose light-colored clothing, and high-SPF sunblock on exposed skin (natives will use the same, but don’t need to be cautioned to do so).

History: Devonia was colonized in 2612 AD, during the Rule of Man. Colonists came from Terra and nearby worlds, and also from the high-population Vilani worlds of Daibei sector, giving the new colony a mixed heritage from both sides of the Interstellar Wars. Substantial support was provided by corporate and governmental interests in Daibei, who wished to create a gateway into Riftrim Deep (as it was then called) and profit from the explosive growth they expected to see there. Initial colonization efforts were concentrated on Devonia City, where available mineral resources made mining a profitable secondary source of income. When the expected interstellar traffic was found to be going mostly through nearby Nexus system (RD 3226), the colony’s sponsor support disappeared and the colony was not expanded beyond the City.

Devonia never prospered, but survived comfortably as a secondary world until the Rule of Man collapsed, and has remained in the same role throughout the Long Night. The world has suffered several Reaver raids over the centuries, but its primary exports of refined ore, plant products, and seafood have made it less attractive as a target than some other worlds nearby. Now Devonia is hoping for a new wave of prosperity as colonization from Daibei into Reavers’ Deep has increased in recent years.

Starport and Transport Infrastructure: Devonia’s starport is a downport only; there used to be a highport, but it was destroyed by Reavers and never rebuilt. The downport was built on the coast, integral to the planned seaport there. The planners intended Devonia City to be the capital city of a prosperous world and also a trading center for the expected growth in this subsector and beyond. Then the Rule of Man collapsed, and the expected growth never happened. Both the downport and seaport have pads, docks, and storage facilities far in excess of what is needed for actual traffic.

The starport has a passenger terminal and loading facilities for cargo and freight; it also sells unrefined fuel electrolyzed from seawater, and has several shuttles available to service ships that cannot land. The starport’s repair and maintenance facilities that are most likely to be helpful to visiting starships are the cranes and heavy-lifting machinery, as Devonia's low Tech Level means that the ships themselves probably have better tools.

The seaport serves primarily private vessels and the fishing fleet, as most travel to/from the various settlements away from the city is by airship or grav vehicle, as the components can be brought from offworld much easier than a large sea-going vessel could be. The city itself has a well-designed road network for travel by electric cars and trucks, and the downtown area has electric trolleys (including a branch to the starport).

Population and Government: Three-fourths of Devonia’s population of two million still live in and around the Devonia City metropolitan area. The remaining 500,000 residents live in smaller communities either inland over the mountains, or on one of the many islands near Devonia City. Much of the planet remains unexplored even after over 1000 years of human occupation.

Devonia City government is controlled by a panel of City Directors, each of whom is nominated to his/her position by one of the powerful families of the City. The City Directors decide all issues of policy, delegating their authority to agencies such as the Devonia City Police Department, Department of Public Health and Safety (combined health and fire department), Department of Revenue and Support (taxation and social services), Department of Law and Justice (judicial system) and others.

The smaller communities outside the City are governed under a variety of systems, as many of them separated from the City expressly to get away from the control of the City Directors.

Economy: Devonia does not see interstellar traffic in sufficient amounts to contribute significantly to the world’s economy, other than as markets for what Devonia produces and as sources of imports for what Devonia needs but cannot produce. There is no real industry on Devonia other than some light manufacturing for local use, and some remaining mines in the hills, whose refined ores are mostly exported offworld.

Much of the population works in agriculture, farming one or more species of the very-high-metabolism plants native to this world. The plants supply a variety of foods, fibers, and construction materials, and are distinguished by their rapid growth when supplied with sunlight and sufficient nutrients. This makes their cultivation very labor intensive with few economies of scale, encouraging a large number of small farms and backyard operations rather than large-scale corporate farming. The farmers’ cooperatives buy necessary supplies in large quantity for their members, then handle packaging, marketing, and logistics for sale of goods offworld.

In addition to the food raised from native plants, there are indoor hydroponic farms using filtered sunlight to raise Terran crops, and many forms of edible sealife which are harvested by a substantial fishing fleet. Most of this food is for consumption on Devonia rather than shipment offworld.

Offworld Connections: Devonia gets some traffic from Daibei sector into Reavers’ Deep, although not nearly what was expected when it was colonized, as much of that traffic goes through Nexus system (RD 3226) instead. Devonia’s defense policy might best be termed "dependence on the kindness of strangers," as it has no actual SDBs or planetary defenses of its own (there was once a Battle Station in orbit to protect the Highport; both were destroyed the same day). Instead, it relies on the patrols and defenses of other systems to hold Reavers at bay; if those fail, it relies on the Reavers being persuaded to accept bribes and tribute in return for not destroying the City.

Devonia System (Reavers' Deep 3125)
Primary Star: F5 V (Whitney)
0 - empty
1 - Whitney I, X420000-0, no moons
2 - Whitney II, X210000-0, no moons
3 - Whitney III, X300000-0, no moons
4 - Whitney IV (Devonia), C566674-8, 1 moon
5 - Asteroid Belt, X000000-0
6 - Whitney V (Peytonia), LGG(170), 1 ring, 6 moons
7 - Whitney VI, XBA7000-0, 2 moons
8 - Whitney VII (Jordania), LGG(180), 10 moons
---- Whitney VII-H (Pit), E502200-8
9 - Whitney VIII (Ashtonia), LGG(190), 7 moons
A - Whitney IX, XAA0000-0, 2 moons
B - Whitney X, X675000-0, 2 moons
C - Whitney XI, X400000-0, no moons
Distant Binary: M5 V (Glow), no planets

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