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Creation Date: October 28th, 2017 09:28 PM
Timerover51 Timerover51 is offline
Citizen: SOC-14
My Daily (sort of) Thoughts on Various Topics. Not Politically Correct.
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In Moot Member Blogs Trade Goods vs. Trade Goods Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #133 New May 2nd, 2019 07:25 AM
Basically, I am looking at three different lists of trade goods for Traveller. One is the one used in Classic, from the 1977 LBBs to The Traveller Book. The second is the one in the Cepheus Engine rules. The third is the one in Traveller 5.0.9. Marc has some good ideas in the T5 trade goods list, but it goes overboard with all of the possibilities, which makes it unwieldy to use, while the Cepheus Engine focuses too much on manufactured goods of various types to the detriment of consumable ...More Read More
Views: 189 | Comments: 2
In Moot Member Blogs More Christians Killed Entry Tools Rating: 1 Stars!
  #132 New May 1st, 2019 04:01 AM
How many of the forum has heard about the attack on Christians in Burkina Faso today? Killed by Muslims in case you care about such things. A group of armed Muslims attacked an Assembly of God church, and killed the pastor and 5 other persons, amoung them his son and brother-in-law. They were given the choice of converting to Islam on the spot or dying. They died. It looks like Fox News mentioned it, but none of the other major networks. Add in the Easter bombing attacks in Sri Lanka, and ...More Read More
Views: 259 | Comments: 4
In Moot Member Blogs Russian Rails and Trade Goods 2 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #131 New April 30th, 2019 06:23 AM
I finally won at Russian Rails tonight, even though I started in the East, near the Urals, and never delivered any cargos to Leningrad or Moscow. For once, I had reasonable cards, which likely means that the card deck is geting more thoroughly mixed up. I did extremely well hauling sugar beets and tea, along with cattle from the East to the West. The cotton loads helped a couple of times too.

With respect to Traveller trade goods, I keep getting more ideas the more I play the railroad gam ...More Read More
Views: 260 | Comments: 3
In Moot Member Blogs Forum Consistency Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #130 New April 27th, 2019 03:26 PM
One thing that I have found out about the Forum since I started this blog. If the subject is on something to do with Traveller, there is a fair amount of interest. If it is on something that I am working on with respect to my version of the Cepheus Engine rules, or the sector that I am working on, there is a fair amount of interest. If it on something that is bugging me, especially if it has to do with anything religious, there is basically no interest.

As this is a Traveller blog, that s ...More Read More
Views: 170 | Comments: 1
In Moot Member Blogs Easter Bombings 2 and Trade Goods Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #129 New April 25th, 2019 03:17 AM
Well, the death toll keeps going up, and so does the appearance of a catastrophic failure in the Sri Lanka intelligence organizations. They apparently had detailed information about the possibility of such attacks several weeks in advance and did nothing with the information. This means either that there are major problems within the intel apparatus that desparately need to be dealt with, or the possibility of deliberate ignoring of the attacks, as the primary targets would be Christians, a m ...More Read More
Views: 290 | Comments: 3
In Moot Member Blogs Easter Bombing Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #128 New April 22nd, 2019 06:52 PM
It is amazing how fast information on the Easter Bombing has vanished from the Main Stream Media. The Muslim mosque shooting is sit popping up here and there, but the bombings, apparently carried out my Muslims, and leaving almost 6 times as many dead, have essentially vanished. I assume that the Muslims did carry out the attacks as suicide bombers were involved, and the Muslim religion is the only one to promise Paradise if you die killing infidels. Infidels, for those who do not know the w ...More Read More
Views: 139
In Moot Member Blogs Good Friday Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #127 New April 20th, 2019 04:51 AM
This was one of my bad days, as my left leg was hurting from the time I got up and got my wife off to H&R Block. No, tax season does not end April 15th, as then all of the IRS rejects for electronic filing show up, along with IRS letters and audits that cannot be dealt with prior to the 15th.

However, the community Good Friday service was at my church this year, which meant that parking was not going to be an issue, as in other years. This was especially important as if I managed to go, it ...More Read More
Views: 151 | Comments: 1
In Moot Member Blogs Notre Dame Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #126 New April 17th, 2019 06:31 PM
It appears that either the powers that be did not like the Notre Dame post in Random Static, or some cretin on the forum complained and they followed the do not offend anyone who complains about anything having to do with religion being posted. In some respects, this does confirm my view that the forum is basically anti-religious, along with having a strong tendency to view criminal behavior on the part of player characters as acceptable in the game.

As a response to at least the criminal b ...More Read More
Views: 148
In Moot Member Blogs Not Traveller Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #125 New April 13th, 2019 02:38 AM
At what point in a thread is it acceptable to say that something is simply "not Traveller" even if the thread is the My Own Traveller Universe. The following has been posted there.

Traders and such always work for someone: probably a corporation who is chartered by a noble. It's difficult to be unaffiliated in the Main Sequence setting, if you want to have any kind of power at all. Or if you want to have a starship (which is a special kind of power). Note that control of starships is manage
...More Read More
Views: 304 | Comments: 1
In Moot Member Blogs Russian Rails and Planet Trade Goods Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #124 New April 10th, 2019 02:39 AM
We played Russian Rails at church on Monday night, but put in one of the optional rules of having the slower trains run at 12 mileposts per move, and the fast trains run at 16 mileposts per move. That definitely helped the game work better. However, the first game I started out in the middle of the board, which meant that the cities were a bit far apart, so that making contracts took both more time in the sense of moves, and more cost for the longer track runs. It did not work out very well. ...More Read More
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