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Creation Date: October 28th, 2017 09:28 PM
Timerover51 Timerover51 is online now
Citizen: SOC-14
My Daily (sort of) Thoughts on Various Topics. Not Politically Correct.
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In Moot Member Blogs Sword of Cepheus Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #253 New November 22nd, 2020 02:39 AM
I have gone through Sword of Cepheus, and it does look interesting. I would have to give the combat system a try, and also spend some time working on the magic. I have been adding some rank names to various character classes, and I need to check if I can post some ideas on the forum. There are a fair number of typos that need to be cleaned up Naval combat really needs work, as prior to the development of fairly heavy guns, the only way to sink a ship prior to about 1500 was ram it or burn it ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Conan and Scouts Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #252 New November 15th, 2020 03:29 PM
Looks like Dachau was not exactly popular, probably because viewers had some idea as to what they might be reading. If they think reading is bad, they should try viewing the photos. I am glad that they are not in color, just black and white. Those are bad enough.

I had a couple of thoughts yesterday, peaked by reading some original D&D stuff, along with thinking about the post dealing with good backgrounds for scouts in World War 2.

For Conan, I started thinking about adapting his char ...More Read More
Views: 11
In Moot Member Blogs Dachau Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #251 New November 13th, 2020 11:50 PM
Rather than working on some of my other projects, I am presently working on transcribing, from a not real good mimeograph, the initial report on the Dachau concentration camp done for Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, immediately after the liberation of the camp. When I say immediately, the data in the report was taken two and three days after the camp liberation, so extremely fast. The report is hard to read for two reasons. One, it is not a good copy, but it is what was pos ...More Read More
Views: 13
In Moot Member Blogs Garage Cleaning Goodies Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #250 New November 7th, 2020 08:51 PM
It is always interesting, if not easy work, to do cleaning in the garage. We are in the middle, by we I mean my wife and myself, of major cleaning in the garage, to get rid of a lot of stuff collected over the years which is no longer needed, or chewed up by various and sundry small critters: mice, shrews, and chipmunks are the most likely suspects.

One result is the re-discovery of a large number of books and copies that I had lost track of. One book in particular, published around 1898, ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Birthday Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #249 New October 25th, 2020 02:12 AM
Today I hit 69, and I feel like about 169. That is the way it has been most of last week. Hopefully, I will be in better shape and spirits tomorrow when we are supposed to drive to my daughter's house to celebrate my birthday. It will be good to see them and their new puppy, Daisy, who is growing like a weed. She is a Welsh Corgi, so she brings back a lot of memories of my parents dog, who was also very much a Welsh Corgi. So, we will see how it goes.

I do need to get back to work on so ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Martian Rails Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #248 New October 20th, 2020 02:54 AM
For a change of pace with our Monday night game at the church, we played Martian Rails. The biggest headache in that game is trying to figure out where all of the cities are, along with the cargos. Every time I play it, I find another science fiction series or story that they used to come up with ideas for cities, cargoes, and general stuff. Tonight, the one that jumped out at me was the "Repelatron Bridge" which helps you to get over the cliffs in the Mariner Canyon. That is straight out o ...More Read More
Views: 30
In Moot Member Blogs Senate Embarrassment Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #247 New October 13th, 2020 08:35 PM
The Democrats in the Senate managed to exceed my estimate of their total imbecility today, when the brain-dead female senator from Hawaii asked Judge Amy Barrett if she had ever sexually assaulted somebody. The judge has already undergone 2 FBI background checks, and not even the less than trustworthy FBI could come up with anything. This is getting beyond the bounds of ridiculous to borderline obscenity. This is the same imbecile, and I might be insulting imbeciles, who likes the Green New ...More Read More
Views: 34
In Moot Member Blogs NPC and Other Thoughts Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #246 New October 13th, 2020 07:04 PM
Well, the Democrats definitely have a vice-presidential candidate, but seem to have a part-time presidential candidate, as he at times is running for the Senate. He also have a problem remembering who he ran against 8 years ago, and a variety of things from his long ago teenage years. He also takes the view that if you are better off than you were 4 years ago, then do not vote for him. As 56% of the respondents to a Gallup Poll (for what that is worth) have the view that they are better off, ...More Read More
Views: 33
In Moot Member Blogs Walter Reed Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #245 New October 6th, 2020 03:15 AM
I have been reading with total astonishment at the insanity of some of the mass media commentators reacting to President Trump leaving Walter Reed following treatment for the Chinese flu. One, supposedly sane writer for the Washington Post has proclaimed it a "public health hazard" and wants Congress to defund it. Another, supposedly sane writer for the New York Times claims that "its reputation is in tatters", apparently because President Trump walked out alive from the hospital. I say "supp ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Catching Up Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #244 New October 2nd, 2020 09:44 PM
I did not realize that it has been almost a month since I posted something here. I guess I lost track of time. There has been a lot going on. Tax season finally ended, but the new one will be starting soon, with who knows what tax changes. While the rioting has slowed down a bit, the Presidential campaign has gotten really nasty. A Babylon Bee piece, intended as satire, showing those who want to control your healthcare publicly saying that they want Trump dead off the virus, in not satire, b ...More Read More
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