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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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In Moot Member Blogs Why I don't like entertainment media. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #604 New February 23rd, 2021 08:55 PM
This is kind of the other reason I fell out of love with film and "subconsciously" quit media as a whole. It may sound like I'm "protesting too much" and am secretly hiding a hidden desire to go back to media, but honestly this is a core beef.

Entertainment media, as I've mentioned, focus primarily on law and order and health issues. You never see an episode of any situation comedy nor police drama that challenges a religion, social system, or politics of any kind.

A large reason for ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Dumb b___h mother strikes again. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #603 New February 7th, 2021 06:48 AM
Post edited and removed for taste.

I don't do Traveller anymore, and people are tired of my personal dramas ... a long time ago.

Many apologies.

But I'm still PO'd beyond belief about the whole thing.
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In Moot Member Blogs New twist. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #602 New January 28th, 2021 05:18 PM
Apparently there is a "Family" member involved in ruining my chances to write for this game and other games. And apparently he's involved in ruining my chances to produce the films that I wanted to.

He's crazy. He is actually insane. He's an actor with tenuous "Hollywood" ties, and ties to some of the upper elites in European society. One resulted in Richard Dawkins coming to speak at a local bookstore in Marin County, which I attended. It was at this event that this "family" member tri ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs I like the US. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #601 New December 31st, 2020 06:17 AM
I just want to make it clear that in spite of my huge misadventure of a life here in the US, a large part of which was dedicated to gaming and so-called "geek culture" as it stood in the 70s and 80s, I still like the United States, and still keep all that I've read about the founders of this nation close to my heart.

I never could get in the groove of American culture. In spite of the stock car races I attended, in spite of all of the SF Giants and 49er games I went to, in spite of all th ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Star Trek cultism. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #600 New December 30th, 2020 01:23 PM
So, Gene Roddenberry, in his various spiels about Star Trek, often stated how we humans were capable of so many more things and how "the human adventure is just beginning" and other nonsense. To me that kind of stuff I just chalked up to artistic eccentricity, but, as it turns out, it may have been intentional to loop in the more delusional section of the fanbase. There's a portion of fans of any fiction who take things way above and beyond reason. When Star Trek the Next Generation aired I ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Not doing film. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #599 New December 21st, 2020 10:35 AM
Film and TV are all about behavioral science. Given the amount of abuse I received over the last 40+ years from behavioral science, I really despise it (film and TV).

Someone tried to get me to stop writing for games--the concept being that the worse I got treated then, in theory, I should let my pride take over and move onto something else that's more high profile to meet someone else's criteria for my life.

Well, too bad for you.

Again, my objective was to get some tips to creat ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs I'm glad my seeds are of use. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #598 New November 20th, 2020 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by Werner View Post
What if I were to run an Alternate Earths campaign set in the Terra System with the Traveller setting substituting for Homeline. The Third Imperium is funding parachronic research from a base on Luna, instead of parschronic projectors they have wormhole drives, which are similar to jump drives except they move sideways in time to the same system they are in but in a parallel universe.

What sort of starship would be best, scout ship or free trader. Only one starship can visit a parallel Eart
...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs More harassment Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #597 New October 22nd, 2020 05:54 AM
So, this time I had my YouTube channel shut down without any warnings. I got into a heated argument with an Indian behavioral scientist acting on my mother's and families behalf, and he had my account suspended for disagreeing with him about WMDs in Saddam Hussein's arsenal. Even with clean language, even on my Discussion board, the comment was deemed offensive.

Over the years it's largely private security people doing the doctor's dirty work, and no matter how many times I contact the Sta ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs I'm sorry ... I meant ... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #596 New October 6th, 2020 05:44 PM
I've had it with "mother" f---ing RUSSIA.

Apparently the commies were the cause of the unrest in my father's home land, and apparently they tried to screw with me hoping I would turn out to be a POS "alpha" male with all kinds of nasty criminal habits.

Well, too bad for them. Putin and Pozner can go straight to hell.

Thanks to the US Navy and US Army I got my gray matter back in order, although there is one particular individual (who shall remain nameless) who has some explaining to ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Why my mother screwed with my gaming Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #595 New September 27th, 2020 08:27 AM
My mother, my biological mother, does not understand science fiction as a whole. She did not, and presumably now, does not understand gaming. I've complained about her in this log in previous entries. This one will be no different.

Things I never got to do in games because of her ignorance, and presumably that of my immediate and extended family;

1) No SFB Campaign. I created rules for operational deployment for a "Space Action Group" for Star Fleet Battles, but because I was being sc ...More Read More
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