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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #573 New June 30th, 2019 09:28 PM
So I tract down that pseudo science doc from the 70s, and it's far more campier than I remember, but still has that veneer of authenticity. Or it would were the material just not so laughable. However, I didn't get as angry at it as I thought I would. Oh sure, I burst a few blood vessels, but not like I would have ten years ago.

Ultimately I guess it doesn't really matter whether people believe in big foot, UFOs, ghosts, ESP and whatever else. But I still think it highly irresponsible to placate to people's fantasies.

I remember some kid on the bus going home from school Shell boulevard? No Foster City boulevard and one of the main cross streets at that shopping center anyway, he turns away from the window and says to me and says "I just saw a UFO!" I give him that "sure kid" look, and sheepishly add, "Was it cigar shaped?| And he replies "Yeah!" I can't remember a thing after that. I think I discounted his story, and then a few minutes later I got off the bus to walk home. I guess the point there being that everyone wants to tell a story. Everyone wants to be important. Everyone wants to show the world how knowledgeable and important they are. So you get BS artists making a career out of it.

I think from a Traveller perspective it would be interesting to create a "mother ship" with "saucer shaped" ship's boats, and have them buzz Earth in the 20th century and before, "beaming up" samples of humans.

Getting back to the film, I just find it highly bemusing that during the 70s, after all the scientific and technological achievements the US and the rest of the world had achieved, everything from the modern car to splitting the atom, that there were people buying into this bullsh!t. I mean fully grown men and women chasing after a much bemythed "sasquatch" or going to "professional psychics" to have their fortune told. The real big thing in the 70s, I mean the pop culture thing that exploded onto the scene, was astrology.

In the and age of submarines, military aircraft, jumbo jets, cruise liners, TVs, radios, indoor plumbing and electricity and all that it powered, there were (and still are) people grasping at new age BS. I mean, I can see a medieval mindset where the world is still largely unknown and mysterious, or even before in classical times where science is left to the privileged few, how in the words of Carl Sagan it is a "Demon Haunted World". But ultimately you let your experience dictate your actions. And yet people make up their experiences when it comes to things like astrology and horror scopes. But nobody really realizes that.

One of the great things about growing up a science fiction fan is that your emotions aren't really guided by fear, but by the knowledge that there is knowledge out there to be ascertained and digested by your mind. One of the things I wanted to do as a boy and young man was take the Star Trek concept of challenging mankind in story format as to how technology cannot alter your basic morals, but improve upon your own moral foundation and thereby not just improve your material surroundings, but also point you to a better philosophical tomorrow. It's the same with all science fiction, and to some degree fantasy or fiction in general.

The best science can do is help you to understand why things work. They cannot conjure things that are mysterious. But this film really took the idea of science and contorted it to suit some sociological agenda. And that's the thing that got me as a kid as I watched this piece of junk. And what burned me up even further was that there was a segment on cloning which, at the time, was still pretty much a theory being dabbled with in laboratories, and that this film took a legitimate science and framed it, by virtue of its other topics, as a pseudo science. It got lumped in there with UFOs, hollow Earth theories, demonic possession, the Bermuda triangle, and all the other nonsense.

I guess the reality is that most people, in their everyday lives, don't think about science and the social ramifications thereof. When you're out there selling a good or service, or stuck in an office doing whatever paperwork is required, you don't have sociology and politics on your mind. You're there to do a job and make money for both yourself and the company. So in a sense you're shielded from junk "science" (read that as pure BS), but at the same time you're also susceptible to it when you clock out and go home. And as a boy who read dinosaur and astronomy books at a very young age, I was continually baffled by how it is that I could learn about real science, but that fully grown adults who should have been truthful, bought into this pack of lies. And, further, it wasn't just a one time affair. It wasn't just something that people believed in for a while and needed time to educate themselves on, but it was a seemingly self perpetuating syndrome.

But, like I say, in the end I guess it doesn't make much difference what people believe, unless they act out on those beliefs in some negative way. But like I said in my previous web log entry, what if the belief in UFOs got so magnified that when real aliens came they were totally ignored? I can see something like that happening. And wo0uldn't it be something if they got so fed up trying to make contact with us that they decided to take some wolves and uplift them...

I'm still shaking my head at not just this documentary, but the whole era of pre-net ignorance. I mean it was an era of when chemistry and metallurgy were bringing us advances in cars and consumer electronics. In a day and age of satellite communications people were buying into ghost stories and ESP, or fretting about alien abductions. It's like you want to grab one of these idiots and pop the hood to their car and point out what each component did, and how their internal combustion engine worked. If you can know that we have submarines that live undersea months at a time, and witness jumbo jets take off and land, and know that there's science and technology invested in them, then how on Earth can you suddenly shift gears and believe in horror scopes, the Loch Ness monster or the Bermuda Triangle? How? How do you do that?

I should have written Channel 2 an angry letter as a kid, but I never did. Oh well. Next life time I suppose.

I guess the world is always going to be filled with hucksters. But I sure wish they would go the way of the dinosaur. Then again maybe the nut cases of the world need placeholders like this piece of trash movie. Oh well.

Prepare to JUMP! JUMP!
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