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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #570 New June 22nd, 2019 08:34 PM
Traveller has the Ancients visiting Earth in humanity's distant past. Grandfather wasn't quite old enough to get Ancient "Droyne" to Earth's Jurassic nor Triassic periods or before, so his selection of fauna on Terra was limited to what had evolved after the big meteor strike. But it does make one wonder if there are photographs of Grandfather and his offspring's vessels revisiting Terra after the invention of photography, and if humans with their fledging cameras snapped pics of "flying saucers". Did the Ancients even use "flying saucers"? Meh...who cares..

However, all that being said, I used to get angry as anything when I would see bullshit programming like "Ins Search Of" with Nimoy narrating garbage about Stonehenge or Big Foot, or whatever the topic of the day was.

Those of you in the Bay Area will remember that pseudo science documentary that used to air on KTVU Channel 2 every so often about UFOs, ESP and psychic phenomena, or garbage like the Lochness monster. I mean we were taught in school that there was such a thing as truth in advertising and airing stuff or writing stuff in your media of choice. And, further, that there were no such things as flying saucers with little green men coming down and doing your activity of choice. But yet a bunch of SOBs actually got people to tell BS stories about all kinds of garbage, filmed it, edited it together, and put weird out creepy music to it the thing, and called it a documentary. Documentary with the implication that this was the truth.

And so I would sit there getting really PO'd at this stuff. I tried to keep an open mind, but it's like it was just pure garbage from the get go.

Well, in my "middle age", I guess they make programs like that for the delusional people in the world. People who want to believe in something that suits their taste for whatever reason. And the thing that angers me even more is that no one was making counter documentaries until the 90s to fight against the junk.

It bugged me because the idiots and morons at school ate this junk up. And they carried it with them into adulthood and the grave. And programming human beings, children, with just pure BS and calling it science by way of the television, and then having the supersititous adult carry that stuff with him into his decision making for society years, is just criminal beyond belief. Why not just make a documentary about the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, and call them real? I mean... seriously. It's no wonder the electorate college has so many problems with people casting votes.

But, one of the qualities of Jefferson's mind, and the other founders, is that they wanted people to express opinions of all colors. And as much as I get angry about it, the best way to let bad ideas get put in their place is to bring them out into the open for public scrutiny.

But, I do remember seeing some bald southern guy talk about how he and his friend saw a "cigar shaped" flying saucer come down and open up to reveal spacemen hovering above the ground. And I sat there thinking "this is an adult and he's not telling the truth?! WTF?!"

I guess the thing that gets me about humanity, and this happens at the gaming table, is that everyone wants some kind of attention or notoriety for the purpose of their ego getting stroked, and money.

However, like I say, in retrospect, I'm guessing these films were made to placate to the more delusional people out there who believe in a whole gamut of stuff. From ESP, to UFOs to ghosts to whatever. I mean, I guess in the short term it doesn't mean much, but again, what if you're just not that well educated, yet a voting member of society, and you get your head filled with this crap, and you go off to exercise your right in the next election based upon someone telling you one of the candidates is really a space alien or something?

That, and I think it's just a real disservice to mankind by perpetuating BS. Here's a worst case scenario; the UFO craze reaches an all time high at some point in the future. And everyone is all hyped up on space aliens, flying saucers, and whatever else. And in the midst of this space alien euphoria actual visitors in a more conventional (non-flying saucer design), land somewhere, and try to reach out to us to make contact and establish an interstellar relationship, but everyone thinks they're in costume and so they're laughed off the planet. And it isn't until they get back in their ship and take off that people realize what a mistake they made. But even then you'd have people saying "ah, it's just some new jet they fixed up".

I don't know. I guess I'm making too much out of this, but it is a pet peeve, and I'll be honest, I do feel like knocking the producers of that film on their backsides, and I don't mind saying that here in this web log.

Whatever. Thank goodness for the net, real science, and technology derived therefrom to spread knowledge.
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