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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #569 New June 17th, 2019 06:01 PM
Way back in the early 2000s, after I first registered, there seemed like a flurry of people just obnoxiously posting and demanding rights and what not from Hunter and Avery. I mean gamers who had played Traveller and other RPGs or warsims, and had come here hoping to cash in on their hobby and "make millions", so to speak.

Just thinking about it gets me angry. It's like the guy who bought a garage full of comics or scifi/fantasy/comic book paraphanalia, and decided he had waste his time and tried to open up a store to turn his bad habit into a merchandising scheme by opening up a comic book store or something.

I don't get that. And I get angry thinking about all those scum bags who used to post here just blatantly making demands of Hunter, even after he had been diagnosed with cancer. It burns me up.

I guess the reason I'm posting this is because it just didn't dawn on me how really decent a guy he was, and for a bunch of metagamers with dollar signs in their eyes to come just act like mercenaries as if somehow the world, Traveller, this forum, GDW and all of its staff, owned them something for all the dollars they dumped into a hobby which was supposed to be fun, and part of other activities you engaged in your life; theater, the arts, car racing, sailing, baseball maybe horseback riding, hiking...whatever it was.

I didn't post as often as I have in the last several years back then, but when I did cruise by the site, and saw some of the venom flowing on the forums, I was really taken aback. I didn't know what to make of it. I figured it was a poor class of gamers being gamers, and that really angered me to no end. They were the kind of people who just looked for a weakness in you right from the start no matter the venue; i.e. not just the gaming table, but at a dinner party, at a picnic, at anything dealing with other people, they would take jabs or potshots, and then when they didn't get what they wanted, they would let loose with some tirade.

I really didn't understand that. And still don't as such, but have a better handle on that kind of person. And seeing it here on the forums all those years ago when Hunter was alive I just couldn't understand how anyone could take a really fun hobby, and turn it into some kind of social competition, and then mouth off like they did.

It angers me still, though Hunter is gone and so are the jerks who turned the forum into a flaming hot war zone. I don't get how you can go from rolling dice to fight bandits or Vargr corsairs in high school or college, to being a post grad so you can come here and mouth off. I don't get that. You need to be really petty and unfulfilled in order to take out your anger with the world with the founder of the forum.

There was a jerk, who shall remain nameless, who told me "the world owes yo nothing." Well, no sh_t, and this was during the time I was on the butt end of a lot of harassment. And yet for all that I didn't blame this game, I didn't blame its creator nor the various authors who contributed to it over the years, nor any other game nor any other authors. I really didn't understand what this jerk was talking about. Nobody owed me anything, and I demanded nothing. But in the 2000s after the forums founding, there were people who felt or otherwise believed that Traveller and the rest of the gaming community owed them something, and that they were going to use all their gaming savvy to maneuver, coax, cajole, or even use lawyers and the courts, to get what they wanted, what they demanded, what they stated they "deserved".

To those people all you can say is you can't get everything you want, and if you bought into the mass media marketing machine you grew up with on television, then someone's parenting skills were out to lunch, and you people need a swift kick in the backside and to be shown the door for all institutions that you frequent.

Admittedly I made that "it's a good old boys' club" comment about writing for the game, but that was more of a frustration of having seen other games open their doors to submissions, and suddenly the remnants of GDW felt like a private club. But I didn't call Hunter nor Avery any names. I didn't cast aspersions on Loren Weisman, nor curse Traveller and all who were involved with it. Sure, there was some "sour grapes" (said the Fox in Aesop's fable, when he couldn't have any), but that's just the way things are, and fortunately John Watts and Craig, and even Loren when he was with Steve Jackson Games, gave me a chance, and I hope I've proven worth it.

I've got more to offer, but I'm slowly coming down off a magma level boil from some group of overseas doctors (and the family) not understanding the allure of writing for and playing really rocking games that deal with far off places, and challenge people with moral dilemmas and social challenges. If I were ever bitter, it's at those "folks". I may have gotten a little angry and frustrated with some people here, at the old Star Fleet Games forum, and more recently the ever draconian admin (sysop) monitoring at Steve Jackson games, but, and this comes from a man who holds grudges for a very long time, I'm not stewing over the people at the game companies, nor would I venture to vent on them for something that was not their fault.

And I guess that makes me wonder me even more about the people who came here and abused Hunter and others. It's like those people didn't understand what they were dissatisfied with.

My adopted parents were government workers. Middle class working people. I used to see some kids at school get everything they ever wanted, but all they ever wound up was wanting more. Not all kids were like that. A friend of mine got everything he ever wanted and then some. His sister was a hottie, and even though she was a bit of a brat for being spoiled, she turned out okay. Ditto with the rest. But material wealth and things didn't make them happy. And I think that the guys who b!tched, whined a moaned at Hunter, the forum, the GDW staff and everyone else, felt they had been left out of life and material success. And so they came here to take it out on Hunter and the forum.

I can't imagine what life is like constantly being jealous of everyone else. I really can't. I mean part of the reason you and I take up games like Traveller is so we can share our imaginations with friends as we pretend to travel to some distant star or planet, and fight off giant snakes, or pirates, or alien versions of tyrannosaurs. Not of that involves super expensive fast cars, jewelry, fine wines, top of the line designer blazers or sport jackets, nor super expensive homes. I supposed you could include that stuff, but you wouldn't experience it, so what's the point? The point is to enjoy the story with your friends, or with yourself if you prefer the solo experience.

But to come here and put on the pretense that life was unfair to you as you played this game on the side, and to shout it out while putting down the forum's host? That's just wrong.

I never met Hunter in person, but he'll always be a decent human being in my heart.
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