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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #563 New June 10th, 2019 04:58 PM
So apparently the infamous office odor is a combination of the Ant-Be-Gone insecticide I sprayed some weeks back, and some rubber or plastic in the closet. I'm too lazy to go diving in there, but I swear I had everything sealed up in a storage bin. And moreover why the heck is rubber or plastic going bad to create such a reek? It's made it nearly impossible to work in here without the fan going and the window open. I want to get into a real writing binge like I had planned, but, well, if it isn't family and personal history coming to the fore making me sit down and go " that's what that was...", then its ant killer and rubber on my camera gear going bad or something.

Seriously, do game books go bad after a while? Lens mounts? Rubber based sun shades for a camera lens? I'm not sure. Something on my old computer? Plastic coating on the wires?

Going to reach over a check right now well, sniffing the tripod and old back pack I bought a few years ago reveals nothing. Weird.

That, and apparently someone planted some smelly plants just outside the office. I'll chalk that one up to either my neighbor or the gardeners. I may pull them and put some flowers there instead. Heh, maybe a sapling

I'm rediscovering synthwave music. It's that stuff typically put in 80s thriller movies when the high tech cops are going after the grunge bad guys. Think neon lights with a lot of blues and pinks adorning sports cars at night, or early 80's CGI that was meant to exude "high tech" as we knew it.

Other stuff; at one time I really thought Lamborghinis and Ferraris were hot desireable cars. Not anymore. In fact I think all those sleek looking super-hot cars are garbage. The one vehicle I miss is my adopted father's Mack Travelall. As a three or four year old I used to be able to stand up in that thing. That was a big vehicle, but Mack doesn't make them anymore (I emailed the VP of marketing or something). And I've always thought Porches were silly, stupid, not good looking in the least, and just plain overrated. If you're going to buy a sport's car, then go live near a race track so you can take it out on weekends. But leave the rest of us alone, and don't tear up local roads.

I've been cruising other Traveller websites, and rediscovered the Behind the Claw Podcast. I wish that guy hadn't stopped making them. Pretty cool stuff.

A thought just occurred to me, and that is I can't remember the last time I saw a commercial for a major feature film. We are living in different (good and better) times That is to say I remember seeing commercials for movies, and now there aren't any, and I'm wondering if that's a comment on an improved society in some strange way? I don't know, but the last two films I saw were over a year go what, Rogue One? The new Blade Runner? The Ghostbuster's remake? I can't remember, but I'm feature film free as far as going to the theare is concerned.

Maybe this is too crass, but watching people galivant on screen, no matter they're doing swinging onto another sailing ship during a battle, doing some black and white slap stick from the silent era, or flying a spaceship, or even having marital (or not so marital) relations, is like watching people shake hands for an hour and a half. Oh sure, there's some more interesting hand shaking in a space opera than in some film about lawyers and cops, but it's like how is this different than watching a bunch of business men meet and stand in an office foyer shaking hands with one another?

The more I go to the more I'm of the opinion that I really don't have any desire to create any subsectors of my own. Not that I could in any semi or unofficial capacity, but as much as I like the Traveller-sphere, and as cool as I think it would be to jump around the Spinward Marches during the classic era, I'm not really up on creating the Blue Ghost subsector with all of my concepts of societies and whatever else. I guess I could draft something up and post it at some website, but I've no desire to do so. Interesting.

Ice water is no substitute for pizza, but boy, the local water here really tastes like mineral water. Great stuff. It's hot outside, but it's cool in the house. Just the way I like it

I'm wondering if I should start my own website, and post junk there. We'll see.

Dim the lights. Strap yourselves in. Prepare to jump... one two three jump!
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