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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #560 New June 7th, 2019 09:54 AM
Apparently JetSmarter is up for sale for 20 million, and is under investigation by the FAA and FBI. I don't earn millions. Personally I don't see myself as being worth millions. I will not generate millions for any company. Ergo, I'll probably not be using Lear Jets in the immediate future.

And given the cost of $18k to $5k an hour to ride one of these things, I think it's safe to say that the jet set life style is out of my realm. And even if I had bazillions of dollars (to keep wealth abstract) you need to keep generating income to offset the cost of flying from town to town in one of these things, and doing business in the air.

I shrug my shoulders at private jets. I've been in a few Cessnas, I think I took a couple of tours of some private jets when I was a kid, but beyond that they're things that are out of my realm. Truly, they're meant for big corporate types. If you're an all star athlete or media star of some kind, then I can see the value of these things, but again, you need to generate the income to offset the cost.

I bring this up in this blog because I see scout ships as corporate jet analogs. You and your team board, you take off, and do your business as you enter jump. I guess playing the 3I's version of Xbox might kill a few hours, but you have an entire week to twiddle your thumbs in this thing. Similarly apparently in a corporate jet you could spend up to 16 hours as you traverse oceans to get from one continent to the next. What to do?

Apparently since JetSmarter "democratized" personal jets for the "common man" (who could shell out the $16k or $24k annual fee or whatever it was) the private jet industry has seen "common man" passengers buying seats. As one airline stewardess put it bluntly back during the mid 90s during the airline price wars, "If you charge $50 a seat, you're going to get $50 a seat people." Ouch.

I think some outfit in Dubai is buying JetSmarter, and hopefully will have a more salient business plan, and do away with whatever personnel were in on the scheme. But it brings up an interesting issue. Are there Ponzi schemes in the 3I where starships are concerned? Probably. I'm not sure it would make for a great adventure, save for maybe a bounty on some outlaw corporate exec who's on the run.

I guess the thing that gets me about ponzi schemes in any form is how the person who comes up with the idea thinks that they can get away with it, and how they think they can keep up the façade and earn money for themselves and their investors? I don't get that. I really don't. Oh well. I guess that's why I'm the slob that I am. I don't have that sense of Book-4-ness in my blood to take people's money like that.

But, for a business that requires you to spend a minimum, A MINIMUM mind you, of $4000 an hour for a flight that might take anywhere between an hour to five hours or more, and to say that you can have a jet anytime for a subscription of $10k or something, ANNUALLY, one wonders how no red flags were raised earlier.

It's kind of like the old "sell a starship" scheme with young players. Buy one by making the down payment, and then magically sell it for the full price to some NPC party. As a former Referee / GM I was almost sold on the idea, but my more cogent region of my gray matter said "Wait a minute. Sure, you can sell that starship, but only for what you paid for it and perhaps, at best, a few hundred credits more, because you're still paying the mortgage on that sucker, and you don't own it outright. So, take your Vargr like ways, sit down, shut up, roll the dice, and play the game!"

Well, okay, maybe I wasn't that dictatorial back "in the day", so to speak, but it amazes me just how many hair brained schemes people come up with to get "rich". I think most people would be happy to be debt free, have a nice TV in a nice home, and some decent food to eat every now and then. Why people just blatantly break the law for the almighty dollar is beyond me. Even if you're starving there are programs to help you.

Oh well. If I ever have to do some flying, I'll charter an inexpensive prop driven plane from a former crop duster who used to shoot down the Kaiser's own in the great war. Heck, are there any still alive?

In short, private jets sound like fun, but I'm cool without one. Still, it might have been fun to have … "Something Cool"
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