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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #558 New June 6th, 2019 08:18 AM
I just told some players who were continually trolling my game where to step off. And I told them I knew who they were. Suddenly, I won the next game. I hope I'm not talking too soon. If I have to report every Steam account, then I'll do that.

I don't know how many stinking times I have to b!tch to the feds, but if I have to bang on the front door of the white house, I'll do that. Really sick and tired of this BS.

This whole exercise was some dimwit's version of trying to normalize my life by killing all the things I enjoy. Wow. What nerve.

Feeling pretty creative.

I'm not sure where this is headed....

Saw the Lost in Space premiere on Bluray. Eh, it's a decent show, but it's more female centric than I expected given the trend in female scifi I guess I'm not surprised, but it struck me as being too emotional and not as practical as it could be. And to me that actually does reflect priorities of the sexes.

According to the latest research early inflation may have expanded faster than C. C is still the ultimate limit of information transmission, but consequently there may be stuff beyond our view that's expanding faster than light.

Again, C may not be the ultimate speed for all things, but the realms of which faster than C is allowed are so exotic that we may not ever generate such a phenomenon in a laboratory.

Oh man there was something else what the heck dang it, I hate it when I was thinking of something and had it prepared to write, but forgot it.

The new Lost in Space seems like a decent show. I'm sorry I couldn't shoot my proof of concept trailer for a Traveller film or TV series. Big deal. F_ck film and all the self important POS that I ever interacted with.

I may go back to school simply to explore the universe's speed limit. Yes, ideally I and millions of others would like to create a "warp drive" or an FTL practical application, but that's not going to happen, and I have no delusions about it. I am fascinated by C being a barrier.

Ah, here was the thought I wanted to convey: I'm a dyed in the wool classic Kirk and Spock Star Trek fan, and have fond child hood memories of other well reasoned, well grounded, intelligent Star Trek fans in my class. And a thought occurred to me as to how different they were from the absolute nut cases I always saw at premiers and the occasional convention. Shatner was right on SNL when he blasted it's just a show to the crazies, adults dressed in Star Fleet shirts, that it was just a show. And I've always been PO'd that I couldn't find other well reasoned people who appreciated the drama and the themes of the show, as opposed to nut cases who liked talking about story elements being tied together from disparate episodes; i.e. "Do you think Commodore Decker was Will Decker's father?" kind of bullsh_t. My response; "I don't give a sh_t,." It's like trying to talk to a Shakespeare aficionado, but all he wants to do is connect the dots between the characters in the Merchant of Venice and Hamlet.

I guess I'm not the fan I once was. I'm the fan I was as a boy, enthused by the show, but no longer holding out on finding intelligent non-crazy fans. Oh well.

I'm gong to have to sign up for some math at the local JC. I'll probably never get to be able to study what I want to, but I'll give it a shot.

Jefferson was brilliant, but he was also an a$$hole for keeping slaves. I guess he reportedly treated them well, so much that some of them had a kind of loyalty to them. According to Crash Course racism has its roots in the gold and ivory trade, where Africa (and I guess central and South America) was the wealthy continent, and dirty renaissance Europe, with a new plague every year, was the "third world" of the time. Yet you never get that taught in any school.; i.e. racism was used as a perjorative to justify mercenary trade practices and exploit the tradition of slavery in Africa and the middle east to wholesale proportions as a means of justifying looting the place and enslaving large swaths of people.

You never hear that in history. Never. Too bad.

Final thought here for a while, that insecticide that I used to kill the trail of ants on the carpet has reeked for weeks now. I tried putting out baking soda, and that did the trick for a little while. I vaccumed it up and the odor came back. So now I'm using an industrial strength odor remover. With my luck the ants'll come back.

Scifi is used to inspire the more intellectual reader and media consumer to aspire to science and law enforcement, even a military career (someone on the old IMDB BBS told me that Trek was a US Navy recrtuiment device he may have been right, and I wouldn't doubt it), but it's also to give the more delusional people something to hang onto. Truly, crazy people who think the mother ship is going to come and whisk them away to never-never land star trek style. Whatever. I still like the show and scifi in general. It's an adventure genre that's waiting to see a real golden age without all the nut-case malarkey.

I'm going to go ahead and say it, as a Trek fan who went to some of the premiers, and recalling some of the absolute nut jobs that I stood in line with, I felt like a die hard heterosexual at a gay pride parade. I was that embarrassed at times. Oh well.

I saw JJ Abrams first trek film in the theatre, and was so-so to it it met my low expectations. Kind of like "Battleship", where the mighty Moe fights space aliens. Please. Make it stop.

Man, what I wouldn't give for a huge hamburger, steak fries with ketchup and a large chocolate milk shake. But, I better go divorce myself from my gut before I indulge in anything that I shouldn't be eating in the first place.
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