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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #557 New June 4th, 2019 03:00 AM
This is what I'm talking about?

As I prepare to leave the forum I want to make a few things clear about my "drinking problem"; A) as per my previous log on the subject, I don't have one: B) apparently I'm not the only one in the world who thinks all alcoholic beverages taste purely like isopropyl chemicals.

And going down the reddit forum apparently so do people who actually drink. Really?! Are you kidding me?! How can you be out of your mind to put something in your mouth that not only damages your pancreas and liver, but after enough doses, incapacitates you, and, on top of that taste like the chemical brew that it is, even to people who say they like to drink?

Am I missing something?

Ever since I've been in the United States the one thing I've really noticed is the propensity of people to give into peer pressure. Not matter how many PSAs you see on TV aimed at kids to think for themselves, no matter how many after School specials with the same topic presented in some low budget TV theatre aimed at kids, no matter how many time I witnessed my friends' parents tell them the same, people are dumb enough, stupid enough, just plain vapid and idiotic enough to toss in some foul tasting chemical brew into their mouths because everyone else is doing it.

Well, okay. I must have missed something, or I guess some people really don't know what true freedom is. The few hard lickers I've tasted I have to admit, have a hint of something that could be palatable were it not for the absolute foul reagent that is alcohol mixed into them. To me the whole purpose of drinking something is because you like the taste, NOT because you want to fry your brain cells and act like a complete a$$hole at some public function.

I witnessed more barbarity leak into mainstream society because of alcohol, and as much as I'm against prohibition, it giving rise to the mafia and other gangs in the US, I do think that some self introspection and self awareness is way overdue.

I bring this up because there was a time in this nation when being polite and well comported meant that you didn't walk into a theatre or movie house and intentionally let out some noise, nor do the same with your buds in the back row. In those days big bouncers who were paid a living wage grabbed your backside, and tossed you out. But gradually that has eroded to the point of people not caring. Fortunately some sense of being polite has come back to some areas of society, but it's an ebb and flow. And a lot of it is due to people getting plastered on their alcoholic drink of choice.

For me and my adopted mother it was always a case of being a fish out of water in this nation. Truly. We didn't get how American society could be so earnest in wanting to regulate behavior and attitudes, and then just flagrantly destroy towns in a fit of rage because their team lost some championship. Well, okay, it's not unique to the United States. You see soccer riots in Scotland, London, Germany, Italy, and Spain. But again, it goes back to alcohol consumption.

If your life is so stressful that you have to reach for a bottle something to get you through the day, then maybe you're in the wrong line of work. Maybe you need to leave the high paying investment banking position where you earn a few mil every year handling and investing other peoples' money, and go live in a cabin out in the Rocky Mountains for a few years. I don't know.

What I do know is that every riot I have ever seen here in the bay area has been fueled by alcohol. Again, I don't want to outlaw the stuff, but it seems like people don't take care of themselves and really don't give a flying-ef about what they do to other people from downing a concoction that is as foul tasting to me as it is to them. I really don't get that.

But I guess I'm b!tching about something that's as apparent as anything about mankind. Like former New York Mayor Ed Koch said in a debate about immigration; "People like to steal." *laughter and some applause* "They do..." and then he went to state that immigrants were no different than so called natives who shop lift or grab something from someone on occasion. And so it is that I see this with drinking.

People say they can tolerate drink, that they're casual drinkers, that they only drink here and there when talking to me, as if I had some high moral judgement on their personal habits. I typically don't until you get obnoxious.

After my adopted mother died I didn't know what to do with her wine collection, so I stuck it in my office closet. Wouldn't you know it, some dumb a$$ thought I was hiding alcohol, and the fact that I didn't drink made them put 2 and 2 together to get 5 in alcholic's psychology; ergo, I had a drinking problem. Yeah, sure @$$hole I down the stuff all the time even though I've never bought a bottle in my entire life, even though I can't stand the stuff, even though I put that collection in my closet until I could decide WTF to do with it and haven't opened a single bottle because I can't stand the taste of it somehow, someway, through some magical thinking of your own creation, I have a drinking problem. Brother, have I got a bridge to sell you.

Apparently, if I read the signs and portense correctly, the girl I fell for, a big San Diego blonde surfer girl, is a big beer drinker.

Good for her. Honestly, I don't have a problem with that if that's what you like, and that's not because I fell for the woman, but I simply don't care. I'm baffled, confused, perplexed, and otherwise mystified as to why anyone would through noxious foul tasting chemicals into their mouths, but that's my personal thing, just as drinking whatever foul concoction is yours's.

I don't know what it is about Europeans and decedents thereof. From mead, ale and Greek wine to the plethora of fermented sugars from all corners of the world, to me it's just stunning how people imbibe blatantly knowing that "the emperor has no clothes on".

Honestly, I'm truly astonished by this. And the fact that someone went through my home, my personal things, and concluded that I had a drinking problem, when in years past I had to shut down gaming sessions because people were getting obnoxious, when I had left concerts, ballgames and parties for the exact same reason, angers me to no end.

And that's part of the other reason I griped on this blog, so I could get away from some team of psychologist's asinine false light assumptions about my character. So I could indulge in "my drinking problem" by talking about that cool game that I can never seem to play because my POS biological mother thinks it's the tool of the devil. Well, to "hell" with her, so to speak.

Alas, on Reddit, I found other people like me. Are they gamers? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares. But my views have been confirmed.

So, to all you drinkers and presumptive POS out there, fill your tankard with your fermented sugar poison of desire, and throw back that liquid. Do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, until your liver and pancreas cry out in agony, until you burn a whole in your stomach and intestine. Do it. Do it for yourself. Do it for your friends. Tell yourself that you're doing it for your kids, your parents, your spouse, and everyone who loves "fire water".

But don't you ever dare come to me and say that I have a drinking problem because I don't drink the garbage you do.
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