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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #552 New May 23rd, 2019 08:55 AM
I've been in Cessnas, DC-10s, a good number of 727s and 737s, and one 747, and in all that flying only twice did I encounter two people who were apprehensive about flying.

One was an old lady sitting next to me during a snowy cold winter take off, where the pilot actually skidded the plane as he rounded the turn to the strip to take off. He literally skidded the plane into the take off position, but never stopped. I guess you could say he skidded into the runway and never looked back. The elderly woman next to me was terrified. Once in the air I think she settled down.

Some years before that some tall young twenty-something blond dude, I'm guessing Navy, was gripping both hand rests like it would be his last time ever. This guy was scared out of his mind. His speech was tight and modulated, and he even asked me about how frequently planes went down or crashed or words to that effect. I really tried to put him at ease, but it's like hours into the flight (it was cross country) I just finally asked him "you're not scared, are you?"

Yeah, I guess was being a jerk, but I was also trying to draw out his inner bravado. I can't remember much else of the flight. We landed in Chicago, and that was that.

I tend not to fly anymore, largely because I don't have anyplace to go. I did have one very violent episode while coming into O'Hare, but I'm more or less a homebody these days.

But it does bring up whether or not there's a fear of spaceflight in the Traveller-verse, not just the 3I. Are there Aslan or Vargr who refuse to fly? If you were in an air raft, and you climbed to two stories, I mean you really need to imagine this, say you're in your current car, and you have grav drives in the thing. How sound would you be gliding over a moder height of something like a corporate park? How about in that three story business building on the other side of town? Would you be okay in an open air air-raft flying over a shopping center?

My guess is that most of us would be very apprehensive over the height of a ladder or one story, much less the height of a moderate sky scraper. Much less passenger jet cruise heights, much less orbit and beyond stuffed into vaccsuit.

Imagine you're in an air raft, and you're just a passenger. Your friend is at the controls, and you ascend at say a rollercoaster angle, maybe forty-five degrees skyward. I'm thinking you'd be a little unnerved. I know I would

Anyway, just some aimless thoughts here to keep my writing honed.

Prepare to jump. One. Two. Three. JUMP!
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