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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #551 New May 22nd, 2019 07:27 PM
Apparently all my complaining, griping, and tweaking my feed settings has left me a normal news feed. Which is strange, because Yahoo used to give normal news on my splash page, but then again I haven't visited my Yahoo page regularly in a few years. So, maybe I got spoiled with Yahoo, then took Win10 and Google personally when I built my new desk top.

When I built my XP rig, and Yahoo and AT&T had merged, I got a really cool splash page with Yahoo music, which was essentially an endless supply of 80's and post 80's music videos. It was really super cool stuff, because I could keep it on the in the background, and clean up the new office which used to be the TV viewing area. And my home page or splash page used to have regular news tailored to everyday Joe Sixpack. World events, sports, local stuff and the like.

But when I built my desk top things went all wacky. I was getting recipe and food news, news about female or domestic house stuff. I forgave it because I figured Win10 hadn't figured out who I was with my new build. But I was getting stuff about kids, kids toys, celbrity gossip garbage, stuff about the British Royal family, women and money, women and fashion, women and health I ignored it at first, but after a year I wasn't getting ads for tools, books nor good movies.

I guess it was all about going into my feed settings and turning off stuff. The truth is, as per my previous log entry, I really don't want anyone knowing that I've been surfing the web for all of the old zip lock games I played or saw when I was a kid. I don't want anyone knowing that I've fixed up an old project car. Nor do I want them to know that I'm a Trek fan unless I reveal it on a Trek forum, here or some place else. And yet that was most of my net activity, and yet despite that I was getting stuff that was female oriented and leaned towards gossip, celebrities and women's health. I really didn't understand. Nor, I'm guessing, does my computer or the algorithm gods.

Whatever. Things seem to be normal now. Somewhat at least.

I just can't help but remember that when Jodie Foster made a big deal of coming out of the closet, that, to me, the bigger story was a couple of Japanese F-16s intercepting a couple of Chinese Fantans. Even today China griped about US Navy Freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea, because China, if you knew about it via the news, claims nearly all of the waters contrary to long standing understandings established by the UN. Given our tensions with China over trade, that's actually significant and big news.

When was the last time you heard about an update in our progress in Afghanistan or in Northern Iraq? The US still has forces in Iraq, but I can't remember where, strength, nor how long. That's how bad the news has gotten. And, pardon my sexist jab here, but I think a lot of it is because there's a lot of market grab and profit driven news, hence another reason the news skews towards the fairer sex, and none of it, or rather hardly any of it, is significant.

A US carrier group going to square off with Iran is significant. Hearing about Brad Pitt and whatever he and his lady actress sig other do, is best left in the gossip column and out of main feeds. I'm sure the British Royal family are nice people. I really mean that. But I don't have the time, patience, nor stomach to hear about how they adore their newborn. And yet that's the news I was getting.

I don't get it. I really don't. For all of the tools I searched for, for all of the games and movies I searched for, I wasn't getting popups for tools nor sophisticated wargames aimed at adults. But, again, my feed appears to be normalized.

No offense to female kind of all shades and stations, but your news doesn't pertain to me, nor much of the world. I suppose it would be nice if we didn't have clashes with China, Iran and North Korea, but that's the world we live in, and that's the news I prefer to hear about.

I'm sorry more people don't feel that way.

I wonder what gossip columns are like in the 3I.
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