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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 07:15 PM
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Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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  #549 New May 21st, 2019 08:58 AM
So, on top of my having to edit what topics I want to see via my MS News feed, Win10 apparently tracks everything I type and links it to topics it's programmed to gather based upon what I'm saying here, on YouTube comments, and pretty much everyplace I leave an opinion.

Meaning in one of my last log entries I made a comment about Disney, and how I thought Disney was a decent company. And within a day I'm getting news pieces and ads about Disney. I scoped out vids on model trains, and suddenly I was getting news pieces and vids about model trains.


I still don't get the female junk. I clicked on the "why this ad" thing on YouTube, and apparently GOOGLE stated that because I had opted out of customized ads that it was basing ads on time of day and local demographics. Well, I've got an older single woman retiree living next to me, two families beyond her, one group ownership home across the street occupied by 20-somethings, two elderly women directly across from my house, and a female cop with two renters and one other retired couple. So... it's not strictly women only here, and where there's a school up the street the only kid who lives nearby is the teenager two doors down.

In short, I'm baffled. But ever since I did my big new feed purge the other day, news' stories seem to be good old fashioned crime and world events kind of stuff.

I don't like Windows 10. I really don't. I didn't like XP, Win98 was okay and probably the best Windows OS that I can recall, but I really do miss DOS. With DOS you knew what your program was, and you simply typed its name or the executable file and away you went. And the online advertisers didn't have mini AIs running around with you and keeping track of your net activity.

There was a news piece about fringe right politics in Europe, and I typed in a question asking about how the fringe right keeps getting support. But, for whatever reason, Win10 did not catalog me as an extreme right winger. Which I suppose is a good thing, but it's like if it tracks all of my typing activity, then how come I get news pieces about Disney and not some right wing group here or abroad?

I'm guessing the answer is the single or multiple AI keeping track of my activity has concluded that I am not a far right politico. But, all that means is that the series of algorithms that keep track of my typing, I'm guessing based off of percentage algorithms of likeliness, have a mathematically tabulated opinion of who I am based on what I type. So my computer was giving me this real schizoid news feed.

I want a 2020 net compatible DOS machine. I really f_cking hate cookies, net trackers, and AI that doesn't know its backside pipe from a hole in the ground. Until recently I was getting ads for baby garbage and bras butt up next to ads for O'Reilly's auto and Home Depot. I don't know what's worse, the net or my computer not knowing who I am, or the net knowing where I go and what I do with my time.

I've been on computers since I was a kid in the mid 70s, and am glad to have computers be so ubiquitous, but privacy is torn away and misidentification is now the norm. It bugs me.

Getting female ads and ads for little kids was kind of funny at first, and I figured it would straighten itself out, but it never did, and I had to go in to tweak the settings and fire off many an angry comment on ad feedback windows.

Ideally, as per here, I would just like to be known as Blue Ghost, net surfer, and absolutely NO flags attached to me or my computer as I surf the net.

Prepare to jump. One. Two. Three. JUMP!
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