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Creation Date: March 1st, 2010 06:15 PM
Blue Ghost Blue Ghost is offline
Musings of a Knight of the Imperium.
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In Moot Member Blogs Pseudo Science 2 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #573 New June 30th, 2019 08:28 PM
So I tract down that pseudo science doc from the 70s, and it's far more campier than I remember, but still has that veneer of authenticity. Or it would were the material just not so laughable. However, I didn't get as angry at it as I thought I would. Oh sure, I burst a few blood vessels, but not like I would have ten years ago.

Ultimately I guess it doesn't really matter whether people believe in big foot, UFOs, ghosts, ESP and whatever else. But I still think it highly irresponsible to ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Rogue One thoughts Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #572 New June 28th, 2019 10:13 AM
So, I saw Rogue One in the theatres like a lot of other people. I didn't think too much of it, but neither did I dislike it. I suppose my one observation of it is that it was very dark in tone, and it felt like the same people who wrote the Blade Runner sequel also wrote Disney's new Star Wars' film. That is to say the graphic novel feel and story structure (lots of self referencing and odd quirky moments that don't belong) were apparent in Rogue One. So was a lack of spontaneity and explor ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Filing divorce papers Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #571 New June 25th, 2019 12:26 PM
My gut and I have had a long and interesting "marriage", but it's time we went our separate ways.

Tried rewatching Rogue One, but found it too dark and dismal in tone to really get into it. Such is Disney's direction for Lucas's creation.

My TV now displays regular 4:3 TV shows properly, but boy do those DVDs, in terms of image quality, look grainy and have a lot of video noise. In widescreen "stretch" format the image looked wonky, but it looked nice. I can't figure that one out ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Pseudo Science Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #570 New June 22nd, 2019 07:34 PM
Traveller has the Ancients visiting Earth in humanity's distant past. Grandfather wasn't quite old enough to get Ancient "Droyne" to Earth's Jurassic nor Triassic periods or before, so his selection of fauna on Terra was limited to what had evolved after the big meteor strike. But it does make one wonder if there are photographs of Grandfather and his offspring's vessels revisiting Terra after the invention of photography, and if humans with their fledging cameras snapped pics of "flying sa ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Hunter and the COTI Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #569 New June 17th, 2019 05:01 PM
Way back in the early 2000s, after I first registered, there seemed like a flurry of people just obnoxiously posting and demanding rights and what not from Hunter and Avery. I mean gamers who had played Traveller and other RPGs or warsims, and had come here hoping to cash in on their hobby and "make millions", so to speak.

Just thinking about it gets me angry. It's like the guy who bought a garage full of comics or scifi/fantasy/comic book paraphanalia, and decided he had waste his time ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Dear mom, D&D memories Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #568 New June 16th, 2019 11:13 AM
Mom, in case you're reading my prattle, courtesy of Marc Miller, the Administrative staff of the COTI, and an annual stipen of a few American dollars every year, here are some demonic Dungeons and Dragon's memories. Facsimilie of demon --->

Role Playing Games are a far cry from War Simulations, but are akin to one another in that both have extended rule sets to simulate "real aspects" of real world interaction, such as combat.

My first introduction to Dungeons and Dragons was in ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs High Energy Weapons Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #567 New June 14th, 2019 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by aramis View Post
FGMP's are to TL14+ forces as RPGs are to TL7...

Designed to give the infantry anti-vehicular firepower.

The line troop should not have the FGMP. But one or two in a squad is great for taking out hard targets.
Not according to LBB4:

Tech level 14: A higher proportion of the infantry is equipped with battle dress, and the standard small arm for such troops becomes the PGMP-13.
Tech level 15: Most infantry is by now equipped with battle dress and has converted to the
FGMP-14. The gauss
...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Apple juice Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #566 New June 14th, 2019 01:36 AM
Ah, kicking back in the old home with my feet on the desk, looking out at blue skies as the sun reflected the lagoon water into my old office with a gentle breeze. It puts a smile on my face.

The only thing better than a tall cool glass of Chocolate Milk, is a tall glass of iced cold pressed Apple Juice. Maybe some chips maybe a slice of pizza or something on the side, and just vegging out as the clouds moved by.

That's when I just blanked out and enjoyed the day, or some really roc ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs The False God revisited Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #565 New June 11th, 2019 07:46 PM
So, I think the first Adventure Seed I posted was about a bronze age world populated by natives that are essentially yard high intelligent Opposums being exploited by a megacorporation. However I can't remember whether the title was simply allegorical (the megacorporation promising heaven on Earth with advanced technology in exchange for slave labor and wages), or whether I had an actual cult created by the megacorporation to better control the hapless Tilans.

This really bugs me. I jot ...More Read More
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In Moot Member Blogs Office odor 2 Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #564 New June 10th, 2019 11:13 PM
I was pounding away furiously all last night on the keyboard, and a thought occurred to me, the house used to smell like pine before either my neighbor or the gardeners planted whatever they did outside the office window. A culmination of those plants, the insecticide, whatever plastic or rubber is in the closet, and I'm guessing the soap scent from nearby, has created this really obnoxious odor. I'm thinking I'm going to rip out those plants. I'm in a forested area and prefer the scent of ...More Read More
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