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Creation Date: June 14th, 2013 05:27 AM
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  #48 New May 3rd, 2014 03:54 AM
A Fun Bit of Pathfinder Gaming

Had some very enjoyable impromptu gaming tonight with three of my boys, Jesse, Chris, and Michael. They wanted to play some Pathfinder, but I was in no condition to GM (pain meds ) so Michael was doing it. We talked a bit about whether to pick up one of our old games, but couldn't find the old character sheets, so quickly whipped up some rather vanilla fighters out on a mission for their liege-lords to expand the County's holdings into some unclaimed wild land to the west (the upper level of this game is the political stuff between the Lords, inspired by Michael's love for Crusader Kings II, but we didn't get into that tonight).

Our little party of three knights and a few of their soldiers first had a peaceful encounter with a small farming community, pumped them a bit for info about the area and whether they might be hostile to our Count's plans for expansion, then moved on.

Next we encountered some rather scraggly armed men, two wearing shabby leather armor, sitting around a campfire. One was especially shifty, so two of us knights took him aside and Bluffed and Intimidated him into confessing that he was a chicken thief. We then made the mistake of promising him leniency in return for full, honest information, whereupon he confessed that he had also murdered a guard in his escape from the town jail for the chicken theft. Oops! However, he also confirmed to us that the other men he was traveling with were bandits, but to his knowledge had never killed anyone, only stealing by intimidation and superior weaponry.

Since we were already forced by our promise to be lenient with the murderous chicken thief, we decided to also be lenient with his bandit companions. Borrowing a leaf from their own playbook, we intimidated them with our superior weaponry (and skill, and numbers) into handing over all of their weapons and armor, then we searched the place and found all of their hidden and buried loot. We informed them that in the morning we would return only their knives, then let them go. We also Bluffed them out of continuing east toward the farmstead by telling them we had left troops patrolling the area. We told them that their loot would be donated at the first temple we encountered.

We convinced the chicken thief that he might be safer travelling with us for a few days, as his former companions might figure that he had betrayed them. He agreed, and showed us the way to a village that the bandits had previously encountered, that had been burned and its inhabitants slaughtered by goblins (the bandits had taken some loot that the goblins had missed). We found one wounded survivor hiding out in an unburned tower, and he confirmed the goblin attack.

At that point we had to stop for the night, and probably won't be picking it up for a week or two (whenever Jesse is home next). Our plan is to track the goblins, try to find their lair and estimate their numbers, send back for more troops if needed, and wipe out the goblins. We'll leave the chicken thief to take care of the wounded man as a start on his penance, with dire threats of what will follow if he reneges in any way.

I asked Michael afterward and he said he had winged the whole thing, made it up as he went along! I was impressed and said so. I thought it went very well. It is good to have a meaningful fight from time to time, but one of my own goals when I play with the boys is to suggest alternatives to just fighting and killing everyone we meet. Tonight was a good example, and next session we can have it out with the goblins for a good old-fashioned melee.
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