Classic Traveller Rules System
Latest Release!
About Classic Traveller
Originally released by Game Designers' Workshop in 1977, the award-winning Traveller science-fiction roleplaying game. These classic rule books, supplements and adventures are once again available through official reprints as well as all new material from QLI!

Under official license from Marc Miller, original author and current owner of Traveller, we will be bringing you all new material to support your Classic Traveller games including adventures, equipment, and campaign supplements.

For those who are new to the game, or for old Traveller fans whoThe Basic Books: 1-3 want a handy pocket edition of the basic rules, we bring you The Basic Books: 1-3. This is a digest-sized official reprint of the original Classic Traveller rule books 1-3; Characters and Combat, Starships, and Worlds and Adventures.